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Cloud Custodian – Open Source Cloud Financial Management automation

Mike Fuller
Mike Fuller in Member Calls
27th April 2020

On the last member discussion call, there was a long conversation about Automation and Governance of Cloud Financial Management best practices. Cloud Custodian emerged as a central theme, on the call and in the #cloud-custodian Slack channel. In May, we are excited to host Charles Renert from Capital One to lead a discussion about Cloud Custodian.

Cloud Custodian is a tool that unifies the dozens of tools and scripts most organizations use for managing their public cloud accounts into one open source tool. It uses a stateless rules engine for policy definition and enforcement, with metrics, structured outputs and detailed reporting for clouds infrastructure. It integrates tightly with serverless runtimes to provide real time remediation/response with low operational overhead.

Organizations can use Custodian to manage their cloud environments by ensuring compliance to security policies, tag policies, garbage collection of unused resources, and cost management from a single tool.

Cloud Custodian can be bound to serverless event streams across multiple cloud providers that maps to security, operations, and governance use cases. Custodian adheres to a compliance as code principle, so you can validate, dry-run, and review changes to your policies.

Featuring Charles Renert, Technology Team Lead at Capital One, will be presenting  20 mins overview on Cloud Custodian, common best practices and some clear takeaways of what folks should do with it right away (i.e. 5 things you should do tomorrow). His presentation will be followed by a panel or shorter presentations of real world stories by Cloud Custodian practitioners. There will be a Q&A at the end.

Charles Renert on Cloud Custodian Charles Renert is Senior Director of Engineering at Capital One, based in Cambridge MA. He currently leads the technology team that is building the next generation of cloud management & security applications.

This webinar-style call will be open to all members. The recording will be made available in the Members section. Join us for the presentation on May 7th at 9am Pacific time.