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Developing cost awareness in engineering teams

J.R. Storment
J.R. Storment in Member Calls
13th June 2020

The latest FinOps Foundation member meeting focused on a hot topic and was the best attended yet with over 290 attendees! While the speakers were big GCP users (LiveRamp, Spotify and KPMG) and the content really went to the heart of building cost efficiency into developer processes regardless of cloud provider.

This FinOps discussion centered around:

As always, current members can access the call recording in the members section of the FinOps Foundation website. Members get access to the full video to watch at your leisure, as well as updates to upcoming certification training, member events, and more.

Exploring the journey to cloud financial management with LiveRamp

We were joined by some of the LiveRamp team, Sasha Kipervarg, Head of Global Cloud Operations, Patrick Raymond, Senior Product Manager of Infrastructure, and Joshua Kwan, Principal Architect of Infrastructure, during this month’s member call. Sasha and Patrick walked the foundation members through identifying challenges prior to having a strong FinOps practice, key strategies and methods toward optimizing their cloud spend, and Joshua showed a cloud automation case study using Terraform.

Members: please sign in and see the full video in the FinOps Foundation member section.

Check out the member video starting at about the 10-minute mark to jump straight to their talk.

We were also joined by:

Anders Hagman (Spotify) (39:21), who talked about Spotify’s FinOps progression, including key FinOps metrics around aligning cloud spend to overall revenue, and,

Stephanie Gooch (Senior DevOps Engineer at KPMG) (51:21), who taught us some ways to get started with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) billing data, but also general pointers in approaching multi-cloud cost management.

Continue the conversation with these experts in our Slack in the: #finops-for-gcp, #finops-for-engineers, and #linuxfoundation channels. They’re ready to answer your questions that you might have from their talks or about FinOps as a whole.

Check out the recent LiveRamp article to learn even more

For another comprehensive look at LiveRamp’s FinOps journey, check out their recent blog post about the topic. It includes a link to their recent talk with some folks at GCP on migration and establishing strong FinOps practices.

Want to tell your FinOps story?

The FinOps Foundation welcomes cloud cost managers, finance, engineer, developer, and developers who  manage cloud spend at any level. It’s a challenging practice and we only get stronger and better at it by learning from one another.

If you have a story, best practice, or use case that you’d like to share, join the FinOps Foundation and get in touch. Consider telling your FinOps story in front of our members during a call sometime!

Keep breaking down those silos…