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FinOps for Kubernetes: Upcoming Panel Discussion & Whitepaper Launch

J.R. Storment
J.R. Storment in FinOps Foundation
6th November 2020

The FinOps Kubernetes SIG (Special Interest Group) recently finished a whitepaper that will launch on November 17 and we’ve invited its authors to have a joint discussion about managing container costs in an upcoming event on November 19, 2020.

We’re excited to announce our very first whitepaper by the FinOps Foundation called, FinOps for Kubernetes: Unpacking container cost allocation and optimization. Not only will we launch the paper for free download, but we’ve invited its collaborators and contributors to answer key questions during this special member call.

Register to attend the panel and download the whitepaper

About the paper

We created this whitepaper to cover key questions, challenges, and considerations that any FinOps teams should understand before tackling containerization in the cloud. It covers  Kubernetes container costs from the lens of FinOps core practices:

Register for an advanced copy of the paper here, as well as attendance to the event:

About the panel

Containers complicate how teams manage the visibility and optimization of container costs, and how to apply FinOps best practices to improve cloud financial management. In this panel, we’ll cover the key concepts and preview the content of the new whitepaper on FinOps for Kubernetes being launched the week of CloudNativeCon as a collaboration between the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the FinOps Foundation! 

The panel will be a lively discussion co-moderated by J.R. Storment, Executive Director of FinOps Foundation, and industry analyst Hyoun Park, Principal Analyst of Amalgam Insights who recently released a report on Kubernetes cost management tooling. 

It’s a unique opportunity to hear from thought leaders from some of the leading platforms in the space all in one spot. As usual, we’ve told our speakers to focus on sharing best practices and thought leadership, not advertisements to expect lots of stories and learnings.

Tentative speakers include:

Debo Aderibigbe, Billing Product Manager, Google Compute Cloud

I’m passionate about building products and experiences that change a user’s potential.When I’m building the right product, it’s more than just a delightful experience or an effective tool; it actually increases the sheer number of daily possibilities a person has in their day to build…

Webb Brown, CEO, Kubecost

Webb was formerly a Google PM where he led teams building monitoring & performance tools. He’s now using all of this expertise as CEO of his own container cost allocation company, Kubecost.

Jonathan Morin, Sr. Product Manager, CloudHealth by VMWare

Jonathan is a Sr. Product Manager at CloudHealth leading the optimization initiative, driving efficiencies for organizations’ applications and cloud spend. Previously he worked in product management, infrastructure consulting, and technical marketing roles for VMware NSX, Extreme…

Casey Doran, Director of Product, Apptio Cloudability

Casey Doran leads the Cloud Product Management team at Apptio, including Cloudabilty’s Kubernetes Cost Allocation capabilities. Previously, Casey has held leadership positions at various technology startups, including Ello. Originally from Madison, WI, Casey now resides in Boulder… 

Mikhail Kouznetsov, VP Product Strategy, Densify

Mikhail has over 20 years of diverse experience in IT and software engineering. As VP of Product Strategy at Densify, he  manages the development of cloud and container resource optimization analytics models and policies. Mikhail holds advanced degrees in Applied Mathematics, Cybernetics, and Computer Science.

Hyoun Park, Amalgam Insights

Hyoun helps companies reduce telecom, cloud, and software costs based on 20+ years experience in carrier billing, with enterprise IT. He’s also one of the top industry analysts in the IT expense management space.

Join us for the discussion

For existing members, you’re already invited to join. If you aren’t a member yet and want a copy of the paper and a seat at the discussion, sign up to become a FinOps Foundation member today.

Remember, keep breaking down those silos!