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FinOps Foundation launches Kubernetes Whitepaper with CNCF, adds vendor members, Densify, SoftwareOne, Virtasant and more…

J.R. Storment
J.R. Storment in FinOps Foundation
17th November 2020

In the three months since we announced our merger with the Linux Foundation, our FinOps practitioner membership of those whose job it is to do cloud financial management has grown from 1,500 to 2,500 people. Today we’re announcing new best practice content, a new self-paced training course, and new vendor members!

This month we hired Stacy Case to lead our various programs as Director of Operations, Stacy joins us from AWS where she was doing the same for their migration tooling. She’ll be helping us to drive improved training/certification offerings, better support our practitioner members, and drive more open source outputs from our Technical Advisory Council (TAC) and SIGs (Special Interest Groups). Say hello to @StacyCase on the FinOps Slack!

Beyond the exciting momentum above, we have three big updates to share this month.

Introducing our FinOps for Kubernetes Whitepaper

At KubeCon EU 2020, we announced that we would launch a whitepaper on the nascent space of Kubernetes cost management. After a couple of months of collecting stories and best practices from members—special thanks to Google, Atlassian, Liveramp, HERE Technologies, Spotify, VMware, Apptio, Kubecost, and Ternary!— the v1 of the whitepaper has been approved by the TAC!

Thanks to Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s design team, it’s available as a PDF for download here. To unveil it, we are hosting a panel discussion on how to manage the cost of Kubernetes clusters on Nov 19 at 9am Pacific.

Announcing Self-Paced FinOps Practitioner Course

Based on feedback from the hundreds of people who have taken our virtual Instructor-led training workshops these last few months, we’ve created a complete self-paced, recorded version of the same materials. The course included 6 hours of video content of the instructor-led class, the complete slide deck with speaker notes, a code to take the FinOps Certified Practitioner Exam at the Linux Foundation, and a student handbook. It also includes the FinOps exam certification at the Linux Foundation which costs $300 on it’s own.

At $499, it’s much more affordable than the instructor-led courses, which retail at $890. The downside is that you lose the rich interaction and stories shared during breakouts in the live course with 25-30 other practitioners.

Note: Until Dec 15, we are offering a 20% discount on the course (use code “20off-Dec15”) so you can get the course for $399. There are also deeper discounts on 25, 50 and 80 packs of the course for those who want to train their whole team. Email for more details.

Check out Our New Platform and Service members

In the early days of the Foundation, we primarily received support from Apptio Cloudability but with the move to the Linux Foundation our model has opened up to allow vendors.

This month we’re excited to welcome three new FinOps Certified Platform partners: PyraCloud (SoftwareOne), Densify and Pileus. We’re also proud to welcome two new FinOps Certified Service Providers: Virtasant, SoftwareOne, and Kreuzwerker. Also, we are thrilled to have CloudCMx as a new FinOps Training Partner helping expand our training efforts in APAC.

These companies are committed to helping us further vendor and cloud-neutral standards driven by practitioners and agreed by the clouds and cloud management vendors.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event

As we mentioned above, you can download our new FinOps for Kubernetes whitepaper (and share it with your FinOps teams, of course). What’s even better is to see as many FinOps faces as possible at our upcoming panel discussion on how to best manage the cost aspect of Kubernetes clusters on Nov 19, 2020 at 9am Pacific.

Sign up for the event and receive an advanced copy of the paper. You can also join the FinOps Foundation as a regular member. That way you’ll continue to be notified of future events, trainings, meet new community members, and learn much more about the latest FinOps best practices.

Until then, catch up on all the news above, and keep on breaking down those silos.