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FinOps Foundation expands its presence with launch of French Group

J.R. Storment
J.R. Storment in FinOps Foundation
8th March 2021

We’re excited to announce that The FinOps Foundation will be joining forces with the French Cloud FinOps Meetup to better communicate and share FinOps best practices, stories, and know-how to francophone  (French-speaking) audiences.

While we’ve grown to about 3000+ members strong in dozens of countries, we have plenty of work to do to continue advancing the community of cloud financial management practitioners around the world. This means adopting groups like the French Cloud FinOps Meetup to help us build the discipline in native languages. Not just in France, of course, but around the world.

About the French Cloud FinOps Meetup

The French Cloud FinOps Meetup, created independently in 2018, has 500+ members and is one of the largest FinOps practitioners communities in the world. It organizes monthly meetups, and publishes best practice frameworks, surveys and content under

Under the agreement, the French Cloud FinOps Meetup will become the 1st language- and geography- specific Special Interest Group (SIG) within the FinOps Foundation and will donate its assets to FinOps Foundation. Its members will be offered to join the FinOps Foundation with all associated benefits.

“This agreement is great news for the francophone FinOps community, as it will enable us to increase the breadth and depth of our activities by leveraging the FinOps Foundation’s infrastructure, programs, reach and content, while continuing to develop original, French specific meetups and content. It allows our members to join a larger, worldwide community, while preserving our ability to address francophone, French and European issues – such as a focus on cloud value and digital sustainability” said Antoine Lagier, co-founder of the French Cloud FinOps Meetup.

Adding a new Special Interest Group

The new French FinOps SIG will be governed by a Senior Advisory Committee composed of Client executives and FinOps, Cloud & green IT luminaries. Its daily activities are managed by a small, open group of volunteers, one of them joining the FinOps Technical Advisory Committee as a permanent member to ensure alignment.

You can meet Antoine and other members in our community Slack channel in the #french-sig channel. Come say hi if you haven’t already and put your hand up to participate!

As always, keep breaking down those silos (and, yes, even language barriers).