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August Round-Up: Kubernetes Cloud Financial Management & AWS Savings Plans

J.R. Storment
J.R. Storment in Community Highlight
1st September 2020

In August, we celebrated the first annual International FinOps Day with two big cloud financial management sessions on AWS Savings Plans and FinOps for Kubernetes. The new Technical Advisory Council was formed and our new FinOps Certified launch partners came together. Watch for more in September including a GCP CUD session…

Recaps from FinOps Day Events

The FinOps Summit at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

We finally got the recordings of this session from the folks at KubeCon, now available as a recording in the Member’s section. The session focused on how Kubernetes adds another layer of virtualization and cost to manage on top of an already complex infrastructure. By taking best practices from various experts, we outlined ways to manage a cloud-native, container infrastructure in your cloud financial management practice.

Member Call: An Aggressive Move to AWS Savings Plans

Over 250 practitioners joined the first of our Rate Optimization Series, titled ”Do you have reservations about commitments?” during our last member call. The chat window was ablaze with questions and commentary about strategy!

Over the last 7 months, Mike Fuller (Atlassian’s FinOps Lead & Principal Systems Engineer) has moved Atlassian’s massive legacy Reserved Instance estate to be exclusively Savings Plans. Now he’s analyzed massive amounts of Savings Plan and CUR data to see how savings are actually applied, measured their efficacy, then visualiz(s)ed those outputs for your viewing pleasure. AWS’s Nathan Besh also shared an overview of how Savings Plans work and answered tough questions at the end.

Foundation members can watch the recording here.

Announcing the Technical Advisory Council

The newly formed TAC welcomes representatives from Apptio, Google and VMware alongside existing practitioner member seats held by individuals from Atlassian, Nationwide and Pearson. The FinOps Technical Advisory Council oversees the FinOps definition, curriculum and technical vision of the FinOps Foundation and is the technical governing body of the FinOps Foundation. TAC outputs are committed into an open source ecosystem to become standardized best practices. The TAC will be committed to working in the open on GitHub:

11 FinOps Certified Launch Partners announced!

As part of our integration into the Linux Foundation, we borrowed from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s playbook of Certified programs to launch three new programs for vendor members so we could bring in the expertise of SMEs who work at consultancies and software vendors. Three programs were launched. Read more about the FinOps Certified Partner announcement on our blog.

Training & Certification Opportunities

Linux Foundation edX Course: Introduction to FinOps

This free introductory course covers the basics of FinOps and how it can positively impact an organization by building a culture of accountability around cloud use that helps companies make good, timely, data-backed decisions in the cloud.

FinOps Certified Practitioner Course

The FinOps certification allows individuals in a large variety of cloud, finance and technology roles to validate their FinOps knowledge and enhance their professional credibility. The certification covers FinOps fundamentals and an overview of key concepts in each of the three sections of the FinOps lifecycle: Inform, Optimize and Operate. Next courses are Sept. 14-15 and Sept. 23-24. Training events and dates…

Thanks for celebrating International FinOps Day with us

We’re thankful for all of the community support. Now that we’ve heard all this great insight and knowledge, let’s help each other put it to work. We’ll see you all on the community Slack, and hope to see many of you at the next Member Call.

Keep breaking down the silos…