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Last Week in the FinOps Slack

J.R. Storment
J.R. Storment in Member Slack
20th March 2020

The FinOps Foundation Slack has hundreds of cloud financial management practitioners committed to supporting each other with best practices and strategies. It’s a great place to pose your latest challenge and share your learnings. In this post, we’ll highlight some recent interesting conversations in the last week or so…

On Automation

“Does anyone have a lambda function they’re share that pauses and resumes ec2 and rds instances based upon tag?

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On AWS Savings Plan Strategy

“I’m proud that, thanks to Savings Plans, we’re down to “only” 14% of on-demand EC2. Everything else is either RI, SP or Spot. First time we go this low We have bunch of RIs that are expiring soon and planning on replacing them with SP and will target 90-95% coverage. Don’t be scared! If anything, go in small steps. Buy a small SP, wait a couple days, see the impact, and repeat.”

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Tagging strategy for chargeback and showback

“Cloud providers require information to support their billing mechanisms to consumers, but information on application usage, operational requirements, internal charge-back etc. are details to be coded into appropriate tagging for each cloud service.  For a cloud customer, these details are essential as they effectively represent the cloud version of their CMDB and I’m sure there are regulatory requirements for some industry sectors to have transparency around application and host infrastructure. Are there any best practices or guidelines for minimum tagging requirements for a cloud customer?”

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Prioritizing opportunities based on size

“Does anyone have guidance for the minimum size of an opportunity you chase? My boss asked if we’re not spending more in Dev labor than we’re saving through optimizing, and so I wonder if there’s any guardrails out there? What I wanted to tell him (let’s just make the money!) Is not what I did tell him. Thoughts?”

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FinOps in the age of Covid-19

“FinOps in the age of Covid-19:  How are you and your FinOps practices being impacted, if they are at all?  Any projects losing momentum? Folks forgetting best practices? Things getting prioritized?  Is social distancing creating spend escalation? How are you being impacted?”

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The size of your FinOps team

“In Member Call #13 – FinOps Org Design I found a really interesting comment was made. “The amount of millions of dollars you are spending should equate to the number of people in your FinOps team”.  What are some thresholds your organizations have been using to assess how large your direct centralized FinOps team should be and tripwires that help you assess when you need an additional head? if i’m spending 12 million i should have 12 people in my finops org?”

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