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Learn how Capital One uses Cloud Custodian to manage cloud costs at scale

Mike Fuller
Mike Fuller in Community Highlight
27th May 2020

The FinOps Foundation team was very excited to have our guest Charles Renert, Technology Team Lead at Capital One walk through some FinOps best practices and stories from the field. A small panel of other Cloud Custodian users from Here Technologies, Verizon, and Nationwide added context and color to Cloud Custodian best practices and use cases with their own stories.

Charles’ part of the presentation walked through how his team utilizes and optimizes Cloud Custodian policies at scale, so stay tuned for cloud cost management tips if that’s your tool of choice. Charles covered a number of key points, including:

> Members: please log in and watch the video

Connect with Charles in our Slack in the `#cloudcustodian` channel to dig into more of how Capital One uses Cloud Custodian and to ask him other questions about cloud cost management. Discussion is encouraged!

Additional updates and topics

Catch the live video for numerous updates, including upcoming training and certification dates, and FinOps job openings. There are also a few high-level lightning talks done by a few members to cover other FinOps best practices:

Share your best practices or user stories

With more than one thousand members in the FinOps Foundation, there’s a trove of cloud cost management stories to tell. If you enjoyed our guests and their perspectives, and what to share your own, please get in touch.

Another way to engage is to head over to our Slack and check out channels like #cloudcustodian and join the cloud cost management conversations there. The more we can share and engage with one another, the more we can unearth and learn about our challenging practice. If you aren’t a member yet, or know of other like-minded people who want to learn more about FinOps, we encourage everyone to register to join our community.

Stay tuned for details on the next member call. Until then, please take care and stay safe out there.