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Growing the FinOps Discipline with the Linux Foundation

J.R. Storment
J.R. Storment in FinOps Foundation
29th June 2020

Today is the opening day of the Open Source Summit and a big day for our community. We’ve just announced that the FinOps Foundation intends to join forces with the Linux Foundation to advance the discipline of cloud financial management through best practices, education and standards.

Over the last 17 months, the FinOps Foundation has grown tremendously. Today, it includes 1,500 individual members from around the world, representing over 500 companies with more than $1 billion in revenue each. Given the interest and importance of Cloud Financial Management and the early success of the FinOps Foundation, the time is now to take the foundation to the next level.

That means merging resources with the industry’s most respected open source organization, the Linux Foundation, and introducing new learning opportunities for our growing community.

The Linux Foundation’s model for open communities

The Linux Foundation enables mass innovation through open source and provides unparalleled support for community engagement and growth. Our values are also aligned with the Linux Foundation’s five key principles to building a trusted “foundation as a service” model for open collaboration:

  1. Organizational Neutrality: Linux Foundation is a neutral owner, where core assets, such as the internet domains, online service accounts, and trademarks, are not held by an interested commercial entity. The community is empowered to make decisions about how they want to use the open source assets.
  2. Clear Separation of Funding and Participation: Any organization’s participation in an open source project hosted by the Linux Foundation is entirely independent of their financial support. While an organization may support a community financially, they cannot steer technical direction without contributing to the open source code base like everyone else. All work is done through an open governance model.
  3. Open Governance: Successful open collaboration projects have neutral, well-defined governance models where those who do the work make the decisions. The Linux Foundation strives to provide “do-ocracies” where responsibilities attach to people who do the work rather than elected or selected by some identified decision-maker. Our projects operate transparently.
  4. Intellectual Property Clarity: The removal of uncertainty over the licensing of intellectual property makes it easy for practitioners to contribute and end-users to implement projects supported by the Linux Foundation. The Linux Foundation engages with the key stakeholders to understand and document the intellectual property terms that will form the basis for the collaboration.
  5. Commercial Support Ecosystem: Developers and Practitioners like to see the projects they’re working on show up in products and solutions — it’s great to have users. The Linux Foundation encourages commercial involvement in our projects, which leads to additional benefits for the community. There are opportunities to get new contributions from practitioners and developers working at companies, expanding the use cases and features, and helping guide user requirements. Often our communities will see enhanced employment opportunities for project contributors.

Expanding Practitioner Community Resources

The core of the FinOps Foundation’s mission to do advance the people, practices and careers of those doing cloud financial management, regardless of the technology they use. As part of the Linux Foundation, we will continue to collaboratively work together to define cloud financial management standards and advance best practices across industries, while having the resources and infrastructure to scale and support additional offerings including training, certification and events management.

New Educational Resources

We’re launching today with the Linux Foundation a new edX course called Introduction to FinOps, which will extend the reach of FinOps principles to thousands more practitioners. Please register for the course today.

The Certified Practitioner Exam (FOCP) will now be provided by the Linux Foundation Training Certification Catalog today alongside popular certifications for Linux, Kubernetes and Cloud Native skills.

Instructor-Led Trainings (ILT) on Finops such as the popular FinOps Certified Practitioner Workshop will also be made available through the Linux Foundation’s Course Catalog

New Open Source FinOps Repository

The heart of the new Open Source model of the FinOps Foundation will be the Technical Advisory Council. TAC outputs are committed into an open source ecosystem to become standardized best practices. The TAC will be committed to working in the open on GitHub.

A new Github FinOps repository will become the working area for outputs of the new TAC. It will be the open source home for

Leveraging the Commercial Ecosystem to Deliver More Value to Practitioners

This commercial support ecosystem also will also provide support for the FinOps Foundation program, helping cover the cost of running events, paying for operations and development of programs, and providing people to help with marketing, training, and scaling needs. To this end, the FinOps Foundation is rolling out a new corporate membership structure based on the same model as other wildly successful Linux Foundation programs like the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s membership program.

The FinOps Foundation’s commercial support model will consist of two tiers of membership (General Corporate Members & Premier Corporate Members) who will be enabled to participate in the following programs:

Following the core Linux Foundation value of “Clear Separation of Funding and Participation” corporate member organizations may support the FinOps Foundation community, they cannot steer technical direction without contributing to the open source code base like everyone else. For example, financial support does not grant any member the ability to name a committer, contribute a project feature, or set project priorities. All of that work is done through an open governance model.

The Foundation is taking corporate member applications effective today and will be announcing initial launch partners for these programs on August 17 at the Cloud Native Conference Europe.

Join us

Please join us as we forge this new and exciting path for the FinOps discipline.