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Seven cloud finance management talks from AWS, GCP, & Azure this week

J.R. Storment
J.R. Storment in FinOps Foundation
18th September 2020

The end of September is chock full of cloud finance management content from some of the biggest cloud providers out there. Here are our picks for FinOps Foundation members to check out.

AWS, Azure, and GCP continue to provide free global events that attendees can experience virtually, anywhere. Also, there’s no need to ask your manager or boss for a ticket since these are all free of charge.

Interesting presentations from Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Ignite is on September 22-24, and can be attended virtually once you register. Here are three key talks that we think FinOps professionals shouldn’t miss.

Analyze cost and create budgets with Azure Cost Management + Billing

In this native tooling deepdive, Microsoft Program Manager, Adam Wise, will walk attendees through how to use Azure Cost Management and Billing to create budgeting and analyze them for your FinOps teams. Register for this free session today.

Seven ways to optimize your Azure costs​

Microsoft’s Senior Project Manager, Dante Rasera, will be joined by FinOps leaders from Maersk to run through seven best practices to optimize Azure costs at scale. Register for this talk to not only learn the right ways to optimize costs, but also identify pitfalls to avoid.

Unlock cost savings and maximize value with Azure Infrastructure

For more of a FinOps leadership perspective, join Microsoft’s Corporate VP, Erin Chapple, to discuss how organizations are adjusting IT priorities to reduce costs, accelerate cloud adoption, and invest in new areas to prepare for future growth. Register today to hear Chapple’s perspective as well as real-world examples.

Cloud financial management talks from AWS

September 29th brings us some useful cloud finance management talks from AWS Summit. These events are also free of charge, so register today.

Quantify the business value of AWS

Step one is to manage your one-to-one cloud costs, and even more complicated costs, like serverless or containerization. The next step is to map these costs to key business metrics– not an easy thing to do manually. Learn from AWS Principal Cloud Economist, Michael Chu, about creating business metrics and how to communicate them to key stakeholders.

Storage cost optimization for Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, and more

For some tactical best practices, AWS’s Robbie Wright of the Storage Product Team will walk through ways to save costs on storage while maintaining performance. Wright will cover best practices from storing data in Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, Amazon EFS, and even Amazon FSx for Windows File Server. Join in to discover design patterns for common workloads that help FinOps teams optimize for cost while meeting workload performance requirements.

Benchmark your cloud maturity: A best practices framework (sponsored by CloudHealth)

Join CloudHealth’s Director of Product, John McLoughlin, to learn the four phases of cloud maturity, best practices for each phase, and how to scale your organization to the next level.

Five easy ways to optimize infrastructure costs on GCP

GCP has a different spin on virtual events, revealing weekly talks that anyone can register for. Check out this resource if you need a primer on optimizing GCP infrastructure costs. This specific infrastructure cost talk, like many others, is a free virtual resource, immediately available once you’re logged in. Binge away!

Free cloud finance management insights await

We hope to not only see fellow FinOps Foundation members at one of these sessions, but also invite everyone to continue the discussion in Slack. If you learn something interesting and want to expand on that idea, feel free to start up a conversation, or even contribute a blog post about what you learned.

Get your learning on and keep on breakin’ down those silos.