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J.R. Storment
J.R. Storment in Data & Reporting
7th December 2020

We’re proud to announce the launch of the 2020 State of FinOps survey. Please learn more about the survey, how to take it, and how to share it with other FinOps practitioners.

Why are we doing this survey?

As the leading community on cloud financial management best practices for companies of all sizes, we commonly hear the same questions from new and experienced practitioners alike.

Taking a step back, we want to reach out to our practitioners, leaders, and community to collect a set of data to start measuring both quantitatively and qualitatively how the practice of managing the costs of cloud is growing and evolving.

By interviewing our community members and beyond, we intent to process this data to explore our hypothesis and present the findings to you as the practice continues to grow.

A quick reminder about why growing the practice is important to us

For those of you new to the FinOps Foundation, we’re a group of practitioners sitting at the intersection of IT, cloud, and finance, building a working and learning community. Our goals are to:

How to take the survey

The survey is now open and will remain open throughout the first quarter of 2021. We’re hoping that it can be a living piece of work that constantly accepts submissions throughout the year. We’ll close the survey dataset to create the 2020 report, and then review the next set of collected data later this year to generate the next version.

Take the 2020 survey by clicking here.

By creating a rolling cadence of reporting, we can start to detect and analyze insights and trends on an ongoing basis and update the community when we discover new things.

How to share the survey

Once FinOps practitioners like you complete the survey, feel free to share it to other practitioners. If you’re a service vendor or consultant who works with FinOps practitioners, please share the survey as well. The more participants we can get, the better our data set and the results that come out of it.

Here are some prepared remarks to use for social media or email:

Please take a moment to fill out the 2020 State of FinOps survey. You’ll be a part of shaping the benchmarks and standards of our practice, while unveiling new discoveries of our growing practice.

Thank you to our community for inspiring us

With 2700+ members and growing, not only do we get together to discuss FinOps, but we now have a growing body of research to better understand how the practice is growing. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to our community.

Not a member yet? We’d love to have you join as one of the 2700+ members– sign up for free and join our Slack group to take part in cloud cost management and cloud finance discussions today.

As always, keep on breaking down those silos.