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Meetup Overview

About Meetups

A FinOps Foundation Meetup is an informal community event hosted and organized by one or more FinOps Certified Meetup Organizers to bring together FinOps peers to network, share ideas, answer questions, and learn about FinOps. FinOps Foundation Roadshows are their more formal cousin run in neutral venues by FinOps Foundation staff.

These events focus on getting the community together to share best practices in smaller, in-person settings in a practitioner hosted venue or in a virtual gathering. The primary goal of a Meetup is for the FinOps community to connect and collaborate with one another. FinOps Meetups can feature planned content or be geared more towards networking and socialization.

FinOps Meetup
Event Description Join local peers to network, share ideas, answer questions, and learn about FinOps. 
Meeting Format In person or virtual 
Length ~2 hours
Content Type(s)
  • Networking
  • Information presentations & activities
  • Formal presentations
Speakers Only practitioners and FinOps Foundation partners (by approval only) are able to present at FinOps Foundation Meetups. You can expect to hear from current FinOps Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) about relevant topics who aren’t advertising or promoting FinOps-related products and services. 
Organizer(s) FinOps Certified Meetup Organizer
Host (location)
  • Practitioner workplace or virtual
  • Public venues such as restaurants and bars are not permitted. However, informal, community organized FinOps Socials can be hosted in public venues, but they will not be FinOps Foundation branded or promoted events
  • Vendor hosted or subsidized events are not allowed, this includes software, consulting, or cloud providers
Sponsorship Sponsorship not permitted, and no sales pitches of any kind by presenters or attendees while present.
  • Free
  • Anyone can attend
  • Code of conduct enforcement – no sales pitches strongly enforced
  • Name, email, & company information captured via QR self check in


While each Meetup event is different given the different topics, activities, and people in attendance, participants can generally expect to benefit from joining the event in the following ways: 

  • Connect with people in your area about relevant FinOps topics
  • Share your expertise, learnings, successes and failures
  • Learn from and create connections with your peers
  • Explore common challenges and solutions


If you have additional questions about FinOps Foundation Meetups please email

How do I find a FinOps Meetup event near me?

Visit to search for upcoming Meetup events.

What if I can’t find a Meetup near me on

If you don’t see a Meetup event in your area it may just be that none are planned at the moment. You can inquire about possible upcoming events in the Slack channel associated with your local Meetup chapter. It is also possible that we do not have a Meetup chapter in your area in which case you should consider applying to become a FinOps Certified Meetup Organizer if you are interested in planning these events for those in our local area.  Be sure to check to see if there is a FinOps Foundation Roadshow in your area as well.

What are the requirements to become a FinOps Certified Meetup Organizer?

Eligibility requirements to receive FinOps Foundation Meetup Organizer training & certification are as follows:

  • Must be a practitioner who has obtained the FinOps Practitioner certification (or higher) from the FinOps foundation
  • Must be an engaged member of the FinOps Foundation Community
  • Sufficient number of FinOps Foundation community constituents must be present in your local area and the location aligns with FinOps Foundation community/events strategy

Apply to become a Certified Meetup Organizer here. Your application will be evaluated against the above criteria. Have a question or not sure if you’re ready to apply? Email for help.

What if I want to get together with my local FinOps peers but I don’t qualify to host Meetups?  I’ve been to a prior Meetup at a bar – What if I want to continue hosting/attending those gatherings?

These guidelines are to help define which types of events the FinOps Foundation promotes and carry the FinOps Foundation brand. And—to be clear—we don’t want to get in the way of stopping casual, impromptu, organic meetups you may want to host yourself!

Events which are not organized by a FinOps Certified Meetup Organizer or which don’t adhere to the Meetup guidelines which we have set forth cannot be considered an official FinOps Foundation Meetup.