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FinOps Ambassador

FinOps Ambassadors (formerly Charter Member program) are individuals who are passionate about cloud financial management, recognized for their expertise, and willing to help others learn about the framework and community.

Successful ambassadors are people such as bloggers, influencers, evangelists who are already engaged with FinOps in some way including contributing to forums, online groups, community events, etc.

The FinOps Ambassadors program exists to empower community members with tools and resources needed to:

Requirements for becoming an official FinOps Ambassador

To become a FinOps Ambassador contact us at

Other ways to collaborate with and contribute to the FinOps Foundation

There’s no way we’ll grow if we don’t welcome the perspective of FinOps practitioners all over the world. Whether you’re a member or not, here are ways to contribute your best practices about cloud finance, cloud cost management, and building a successful FinOps culture.

How to get involved

Here are a few ways for people to get involved with the FinOps Foundation, aside from becoming a chairperson or holding a leadership role at the organization (though we’re always looking for talented members who want more responsibilities!).

Become a member and hang out with us on Slack

The easiest thing to do is to sign up to become a FinOps Foundation member. Once you’re accepted, you’ll be invited to our Slack where you’ll meet thousands of like-minded individuals who want to learn and do more about FinOps practices and cultures at countless businesses and enterprises.

Submit a FinOps blog article or best practice write-up to us

Have you published your own FinOps article or guide somewhere and want to share it with our thousands of members? We’re always looking for new perspectives to highlight from our FinOps community.

Present best practices or a use case during a member call (members only)

Sign up to be the main speaker or discussion topic leader during our monthly members-only call. For chosen members, the floor is theirs to share best practices and FinOps stories to an audience of practitioners. Hone your speaking skills, share your discoveries, and meet new people by taking part in a member call as an honored guest.

Get in touch today

If any of these methods sound interesting, or you have your own FinOps ideas of your own, we’d like to hear them. Get in touch via email or in Slack if you’re already a member. If you aren’t a member yet, register today!

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