FinOps Index

For the first time, enterprises can evaluate their cloud financial maturity by benchmarking themselves against an index of low, medium and high performance.

The FinOps Index is built on $9B in cloud spend under management, and provides a quantitative benchmark for cloud excellence based on criteria such as purchasing efficiency, provisioning optimization, resource utilization and infrastructure tagging.

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Percent of spend that is on-demand

High performers are able to drive down the unit economics of cloud by minimizing costly on-demand pricing and taking advantage of discounted public cloud pricing, such as Commitments, Reserved Instances (RIs) and Spot.

High Performers - 18%


Percent of infrastructure that is over provisioned

High performers operate with more optimally sized infrastructure and fewer over-provisioned resources.

High Performers - 6%


Percent of idle or wasted infrastructure

By obtaining visibility into their workloads, high performers have fewer idle resources and less waste.

High Performers - 5%


Average number of tags or categories used to describe the infrastructure

The volume of tags used to describe an organization's cloud infrastructure enables high performers to perform more granular cost management.

High Performers - 54

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