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Establishing a FinOps Decision & Accountability Structure

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definition for this Capability. the objective here is to capture the “What” (not the “How”) for this Capability.

Maturity Assessment

description of the characteristics of each maturity level (crawl, walk, run) for this Capability in the context of the organization’s FinOps practice.

Functional Activity

written for each persona responsible for the functional activity and processes encapsulated by his Capability. each one should be associated generally to one of the FinOps Phases (Inform, Optimize, Operate). for example:

As a [FinOps Persona], I will [functional activity] so that [desired outcome] is achieved.

Measure(s) of Success & KPI

Measures of success are represented in the context of cloud costs and may include one or more key performance indicators ( KPI ), describe objectives with key results ( OKR ), and declare thresholds defining outliers or acceptable variance from forecasted trends.

at least one measure of success; should be described in a context of cost; this could be an efficiency KPI or an agreed upon threshold or target. for example:

  • idle resource costs will not exceed 3% of total monthly cloud spend
  • anomaly costs will not exceed $150/month


the information used that contributes to the measure(s) of success listed above; information here may include specific datasources, reports or any relevant input

Real World Resources

a collection of real world examples, stories and “how to” for this Capability; based on FinOps community member experiences; information here may:

  • apply to one or more cloud providers
  • include specific types of cloud services used) (compute, storage, database, etc…)
  • describe a combination of tooling, platform or vendor
  • describe the industry the organization belongs to
  • describe the complexity of the organization (global, enterprise, etc…)
  • include the FinOps personas involved and any other organizational roles

FinOps Platforms & Service Providers

Reference of cloud cost management platforms, tooling and service providers related to this Capability coming soon.

FinOps Training

Reference of courses and training partners related to this Capability coming soon.