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Governing Board

The FinOps Foundation Governing Board (GB) is responsible for marketing and other business oversight and budget decisions for the FinOps Foundation (F2). The GB does not make technical decisions for the F2, other than working with the Technical Advisory Council to set the overall scope for F2.

The governance of the Technical Project is as set forth in the charter for the Technical Project. The Directed Fund supports the Technical Project. The Directed Fund operates under the guidance of the Governing Board of the Directed Fund (the “Governing Board”) and The Linux Foundation (the “LF”) as may be consistent with The Linux Foundation’s tax-exempt status.

The Governing Board will also have an Outreach Committee and other working groups, councils, committees and similar bodies (collectively, “Committees”) that may be established by the Governing Board. These committees report to the Governing Board.

The Governing Board voting members will consist of:

The GB currently consists of these representatives:

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