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With humble beginnings as a summer project in a Stanford dorm room, Centilytics has gone on to handle over $750 million in public cloud consumption. Right at the stage of its inception, Centilytics foresaw the pitfalls of a mismanaged cloud infrastructure, which further fueled our passion to create a SaaS platform.

Our journey can be defined based on the stages of our evolution. At the start in 2017, we were Centilytics 1.0 – a Cost Management Product. Centilytics 1.0 focused on ensuring our customers have full understanding of their public cloud expenditure and realize savings with our help.

In 2018, we entered Centilytics 2.0 where we evolved to become a Cloud Management Platform. Centilytics introduced new product lines such as Security & Health, Cloud Automation, and Tag Management. We became a part of Stanford’s StartX program and grew to 25 people.

Today we are Centilytics 3.0, where we have become a Cloud Management Company that focuses on delivering end-to-end cloud management including FinOps to all our customers. We are a 150 people strong team with a global footprint. We are also a Red Herring Top 100 Asia Winner while we handle $750 million in cloud consumption thanks to our valued customer-partner ecosystem.

Lookout for Centilytics 4.0!


Product or Service Overview

“Centilytics – an intelligent Cloud Management Platform – is a fully automated SaaS solution that enables you to efficiently Manage, Secure, and Optimize your cloud. A user-friendly UI with varied solutions means Centilytics is the most dedicated service stack your cloud will ever need.

Our modules include:

  1. Optimization and Allocation – Targeted optimization and allocation of your cloud infrastructure helps you save up to 75% on your costs.
  2. Cloud Visibility – 360° view of your cloud in a single dashboard with in-depth insights into your resources.
  3. Cloud Automation – Automate mundane tasks to drive efficiency and focus on asset creation.
  4. Security & Health – Adopt a proactive stance toward security with Centilytics while complying with all major regulations.
  5. Governance & Reporting – Keep a watch on your cloud infra even when you are absent with automated reports, alerts, and budgeting.
  6. Tagging Compliance – Drive accountability for individual business units with organization wide tagging.”

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  • Supports: AWS, Azure, GCP