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The Cloudsaver Platform, featuring patented CAM (cloud asset management) technology, offers unmatched invoice and resource data visibility, complete FinOps forecasting, cost-allocation, and showback capabilities, along with robust assessment, recommendation, and optimization features. Clients can choose between SaaS, self-hosted, and API deployment methods to best suit their needs. Additionally, clients can extend the platform’s capabilities with Cloudsaver managed services for AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Product or Service Overview

Cloudsaver Platform

The Cloudsaver platform enables holistic FinOps management of cost and usage data and resource metadata. With smooth connections and informative reports and dashboards you’ll get comprehensive cloud FinOps management, all in one powerful tool. Own the Platform or use the solution that fits your needs.

  • Assessments Solution: Track and assess key cloud spend and compliance metrics to unlock daily FinOps recommendations. Measure daily FinOps maturity of projects and programs by watching your spend and risk scorecards improve over time. Actively reduce cloud costs and risk by resource, account, or client through actionable reports that integrate with the other Platform solutions.
  • Compliance Solution (Patented): Patented CAM (cloud asset management) technology unlocks native, real-time resource tagging in AWS and Azure environments. Configurable, shareable reports at the tag, policy, resource, account, organization, or client level allow you to understand your infrastructure with the level of detail you require. Manage your cloud assets more quickly and completely with zero-code tag automation, intuitive search capabilities, wholistic AWS MAP contract compliance, and monitoring at scale.
  • FinOps Solution: Identity your current FinOps effectiveness and chart a path to robust FinOps capabilities with unmatched invoice visibility, cost and usage reporting, and AI powered cost forecasting. The patented CAM platform technology allows you to automate cost-allocation, showback, and reconciliation activities. With significantly less time spent on monthly invoice reconciliation, you can automatically deliver daily, near 100% cost allocation and showback to your organizational business units.
  • Optimizations Solution: Identify actionable savings and compliance recommendations across compute, database, and idle AWS services, and then execute them with zero-code. Set recommendation savings and compliance thresholds to align with your risk tolerance and cost management goals. Export recommendations for use with third party tools, or leverage the Cloudsaver Platform API for automated recommendations.

Cloudsaver Services

Informed, robust and multi-cloud management services include:

  • FinOps Advisory Services Foundational Understanding: Establish a strong foundation for your FinOps practice to support subsequent steps including workshops, assessments, building a strategic roadmap and policies and governance.
  • FinOps Advisory Services Rapid Cloud Efficiencies: Quick wins with FinOps implementation can be obtained through optimization sprints, reporting, monitoring, and tag remediation.
  • FinOps Advisory Services Driving FinOps Culture; Pressing on to maturity, these FinOps practices pave the way for advanced capabilities including showback/chargeback, tooling, training, and managed services.
  • Cloud Migration Services: Ensure AWS MAP contract compliance through fully informed MAP reports and metrics, gap remediation including connections and resource tagging, and ongoing monitoring.
  • Cloud Cost Management Services: Gain insights into your const structure, identifying optimization opportunities, and implement cost-saving and risk-reducing strategies.
  • Cloud Assessment services: Leverage Cloudsaver’s specialized team to secure a comprehensive review of your environment, gain insights, and receive expert guidance to reach your desired outcomes.
  • Cloud Tagging Services: Receive tailored assistance including a cloud tag health review, tag remediation, and ongoing managed services to effectively meet your tagging goals.

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