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“CloudStratex is a client-centric and outcome based consultancy and we are passionate about incubating and developing capability for our clients. Our 3 core practices bring a broad set of skills, knowledge and deep experience, tightly integrated and packaged to provide Operational Resilience, Efficiency and Integration for your business:

Infrastructure and Applications – We use a combination of practitioner-led and IP driven accelerators to help you maintain and improve control of your datacentre and cloud estates, whilst also giving your business the agility it needs to thrive.

Enterprise Service Management – We take a holistic approach to Enterprise Service Management, uniting governance, data, technology, process and people to succeed in delivering modern, resilient services aligned to your business needs.

Workplace – We deliver fit for purpose operating models and cloud enablement capabilities helping you deliver cost benefits and transform your colleague experiences.”

Product or Service Overview

“At CloudStratex, we are all about empowering our customers. Our innovative FinOps Incubation service helps you and your organisation establish a foundational FinOps capability and then accelerate your maturity through Crawl, Walk and Run.

So What makes us different?

• We are independent – We stand to gain only by your efficiency and success

• We are tool agnostic – Let your requirements drive tool selection/development (not the other way round)

• We are proven – Our approach has produced the results and our customers are delighted

FinOps Incubation approach: Phase 1 – Save: We maximise up-front savings by performing a detailed analysis of your cloud to establish a prioritised and structured set of cost reduction initiatives, covering:

• Waste elimination and right-sizing

• Commitment based/Enterprise discounts

• Workload optimisation and automation

Phase 2 – Sustain: We get you FinOps foundations laid by tailoring an end-to-end FinOps capability design that works for your organisation and then pilot it with your teams to ensure that it is fit for purpose. Our Capability covers the incubation of:

• FinOps Process

• Governance model

• Communications and Cultural Change Plan

• FinOps Data Model and Dashboards

Phase 3 – Systemise: We accelerate your FinOps capability by reviewing your cloud operation and prepare fully defined proposals for Cloud and Process automation initiatives that will evolve your FinOps capability to the next level, covering topics such as:

• Tagging/Naming compliance and automation

• Scheduled and scaled cloud resources

• Report and Inisight automation

• Financial guardrails and Policy automation”

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