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Nordcloud is a European leader in cloud implementation, application development, managed services, and training. We’re triple certified and featured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

Product or Service Overview

“Cloud Strategy:

  1. Data platform strategy
  2. Cloud security model design
  3. Cloud centre of excellence
  4. IT operating model design
  5. Migration and modernisation strategy


  1. AWS, GCP, Azure official training curriculum
  2. Talent Acceleration Program
  3. DevOps
  4. Kubernetes
  5. Agile


  1. Migration
  2. VMware on cloud
  3. Cloud landing zones
  4. Cloud Integration
  5. Database services
  6. Incident management
  7. Custom app management
  8. Site reliability engineering
  9. Monitoring and alerting
  10. Log management


  1. Kubernetes foundation
  2. DevOps foundation
  3. DevOps team


  1. Application development
  2. Application modernisation
  3. SaaS Transformation
  4. Custom application management
  5. Database services
  6. Container infra management
  7. Cloud Platform SAP

Data estate:

  1. Data estate modernisation
  2. Data engineering and analytics

Cloud native design:

  1. Service Design
  2. UX Design
  3. UX Development


  1. Patch management
  2. Data protection and DR
  3. Security event management
  4. Web vulnerability scanning
  5. Host security

Capacity optimisation:

  1. Cost optimisation
  2. Custom invoicing
  3. Cost reporting and analytics
  4. Managed FinOps
  5. FinOps Advisory
  6. FinOps Training


  1. IBM Multicloud Accelerator (Nordcloud Klarity Core)An easy-to-use dashboard that displays real-time, consolidated data on cloud costs. It gives you data insights and recommendations, automates day-to-day tasks and builds new tools across multi-cloud and hybrid environments.
  2. IBM Multicloud Machine Image Toolkit (Nordcloud Klarity ImageFactory)A fully managed multi-cloud image hardening SaaS, to automate the creation of hardened images in the public cloud
  3. IBM Multicloud Autopatcher (Nordcloud Klarity Autopatcher)Automate multi-cloud patching activities and patch with multi-cloud and with multi OS scheduling
  4. IBM Multicloud Autobackup (Nordcloud Klarity Autobackup)A multi-cloud data protection solution for your IaaS and PaaS environments. Use key event and issue notifications, to stay up to date and protect and track resources.
  5. IBM Multicloud Provisioning (Nordcloud Klarity LandingZone)Delivers fully automated and maintained landing zones, provides infrastructure as code and covers elements like networking, automation, DNS, remote access, auditing, platform security and back-up”

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