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OpenMetal, an award winning IaaS provider with Data Centers in Europe and North America, provides on-demand access to OpenStack Clouds, Hosted Private Clouds, Ceph Storage Clusters, and Bare Metal Dedicated Servers. Our customers reclaim control of their infrastructure and expenses with root level access and savings up to 50%.

Product or Service Overview

OpenStack Private Cloud: are built with 3 hyper-converged servers backed by Ceph. Users get root access, enabling them to customize and expand their cloud environment as needed.

Hosted Private Cloud: offers secure, cost-effective hosting with enterprise-class hardware. Enjoy no VM license fees, fixed bandwidth costs, and 25-50% savings. Clouds are equipped with Compute/VMs, Block Storage, software-defined networking, and Kubernetes deployment.

Bare Metal Clusters: offers high-performance servers ideal for virtualization, big data, and streaming. Provides robust networking with unlimited Public Egress, burst up to 40Gbps, and dual 10Gbps NICs. Remote management via IPMI ensures easy control.

Ceph Storage Clusters: provide scalable, cost-effective storage for private and public clouds. Powered by Ceph, they offer data replication, snapshots, erasure coding, and compression for secure, reliable storage. With NVMe and blended storage options, they deliver high performance and flexibility.

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