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OpenText™ enables organizations to gain insight through market leading information management solutions and helps organizations optimize and modernize their IT operations, manage risk, and drive business agility through innovative enterprise software solutions. OpenText has a global presence operating in 180 countries and serving over 100,000 customers, including many of the world’s largest and most successful organizations.

Product or Service Overview

Discover the power of OpenText’s comprehensive FinOps solution, leveraging advanced automation to optimize your financial operations.


Engage your engineers and developers! Our workflow automation delivers AI-powered recommendations right to their fingertips. Now the verification and execution of recommended steps is made incredibly simple, with minimal human involvement.


In addition, gain a granular view of spending across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. And enable views that are tailored for your teams. Easily identify inefficiencies – spot idle, oversized, or overprovisioned resources. And get recommendations for reservations-based plans, to reduce the rates you are paying.


Drive ownership by building and managing budgets. Set spend limits and alerts with forecasting to increase the financial responsibility. And safeguard against costly provisioning mistakes with multilevel approvals, workload management, policies, and guardrails that can restrict certain instance sizes/types or regions.<


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