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Sync Computing

Unleashing the untapped potential of millions of computers in data centers around the world. Spun out of the MIT Lincoln Lab, Sync was founded on the vision of a future of computing no longer dictated by single chips, but by the orchestration of thousands.

Our first Product, Sync Autotuner, instantly finds the best way to provision the cloud for your data/ML workloads and predicts your cost and runtime in three configurations: Performance, Balanced, or Economy.

Product or Service Overview


The Sync Autotuner for Apache Spark (beta) will continuously optimize a single data pipeline job, in alignment with application and business requirements, to improve job performance, reduce cost, and remove the operational overhead of manual provisioning and configuration.


The Sync Orchestrator (in development) will manage the scheduling, launch, and Autotuning of hundreds to thousands of data pipeline jobs, in alignment with business goals, to maximize cluster utilization, improve performance, and reduce operational overhead.

Supported Framework Capabilities

Supporting Resources

Contribution Areas

  • Particularly interested in Optimization for Performance, Cost, and Carbon Footprint Reduction.

Sync Computing

  • Platform Provider
  • Service Provider
  • Supports: AWS