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Vertice is a spend optimization platform that saves companies up to 25% on their SaaS and cloud costs.

Today, Vertice manages over $1.1B in contract spend and is the only platform worldwide that empowers companies to view, control, and save on both SaaS and cloud costs by leveraging automation to deliver guaranteed cost savings.

Product or Service Overview

Benefit from cost savings, reduced wastage and enhanced visibility with Cloud Cost Optimization.

Despite cloud costs surging yearly, many finance leaders have very little oversight of what exactly is contributing to this spend. In fact, 44% cite it as their top cloud-related challenge.

With an effective Cloud Cost Optimization platform in place, this lack of visibility into cloud spend and usage is no longer a challenge, because it will combine your billing and usage data into a single, simplified view: you no longer need to rely on your tech team to demonstrate cloud efficiency.

Through the Vertice platform, you can

  • Understand how your spend adds up and where potential savings exist
  • See how optimized your cloud environment is at any given time
  • Receive real-time alerts where there are irregularities in your usage that could impact your costs

Key Features

  • Cloud Financial Operations (FinOps)
  • Cloud Spend Visibility
  • Reserved Instance Optimizer
  • Cloud Spend Forecasting Insights

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