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FinOps Foundation Soars to 300 Members and Introduces New Partner Tiers for Cloud Service Providers and Vendors

Ancestry, Intuit, Letgo, Neustar and Pearson Education Join Global Community of Practitioners Dedicated to Sharing Cloud Financial Management Best Practices

PORTLAND, Ore. – June 17, 2019 – The FinOps Foundation, a non-profit trade association focused on codifying and promoting cloud financial management best practices and standards, today announced it has achieved 10x growth to 300 members since launching just over 90 days ago and has opened up membership to cloud service providers and vendors. Over the past several months, members such as Ancestry, Intuit, Letgo, Neustar and Pearson Education have assembled on weekly calls to share best practices on a range of topics, such as “FinOps from Migration to Operation” and “Chargeback, Showback and Shameback in the Cloud.” Members of the Foundation also have contributed to the publication of a book, “Cloud FinOps: Collaborative, Real-Time Cloud Financial Management,” which is now available for pre-order on Amazon. This level of collaboration fulfills the Foundation’s mission to empower distributed IT, finance and business teams running in the cloud to operate at high velocity while optimizing the unit economics of cloud deployments. To learn more about FinOps or to join the FinOps Foundation, please visit.

“A clear need for the FinOps Foundation exists, as seen by the rapid uptick in membership and engagement between practitioners who are eager for more education and sharing of best practices,” said J.R. Storment, General Manager of the FinOps Foundation. “By expanding membership and opening up the lines of communication to partners, the FinOps Foundation remains a neutral community where enterprise practitioners can collaborate together with providers of the tools and solutions they need to succeed on their FinOps cloud journey.”

In addition to Community and Charter membership, the FinOps Foundation has added three new partner tiers to broaden the depth of knowledge exchange within the community. Each membership tier is governed by the FinOps Foundation bylaws, and includes:

The FinOps operating model — a combination of systems, best practices and culture – brings financial accountability to the variable spend model of cloud, enabling distributed teams to make business trade-offs between speed, cost and quality. As companies move away from the fixed cost model of a data center to variable, consumption-based spending in the cloud, FinOps provides a roadmap to transform their financial operating model. Distributed decision-making coupled with the move to variable spending in cloud, means that technology teams now must partner with finance and business teams to make informed decisions that drive continual optimization – a cultural shift supported by FinOps.

Foundation members instantly become part of an independent community focused on sharing best practices in cloud financial management. Benefits include:

About the FinOps Foundation

The FinOps Foundation (F2) is a non-profit trade association made up of FinOps practitioners around the world including Atlassian, Autodesk, Gannett, HERE Technologies, Just Eat, Nationwide and Spotify. Grounded in real world stories, expertise, and inspiration for and by FinOps practitioners, the FinOps Foundation is focused on codifying and promoting cloud financial management best practices and standards to help community members and their teams become better at cloud financial management. As Technical Advisor, Cloudability is committed to serving the mission of the Foundation and supporting its members.

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