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Practitioners are the beating heart of the FinOps community. Our members are a mix of IT, Finance and Engineering. They have diverse titles (VP Cloud, Director of Cloud Optimization, CTO, IT Financial and Vendor Manager, CIO, Director of Cloud Engineering, Principal Systems Engineer, Cloud Architect, Engineering Manager, Director of Platform Engineering, Cloud Governance and Optimization, Cloud Economist, Cloud Analyst, and Cloud Finance) but they all share the same focus of improving the standards of cloud financial management. Launched with ~30 founding members in 2019, now made up of over 1500+ industry experts from organizations as diverse as Nationwide, Spotify, Nike, MIT, Atlassian, HERE Technologies, Australia Post, UK Government, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Just Eat, Pearson, Sainsbury’s, Middle East Broadcasting Company, Tabcorp, Autodesk, Neustar, etc.

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