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FinOps Practitioner

Framework / Personas / FinOps Practitioner

Primary Goal: Drive best practices into the organization through education, standardization, and cultural growth and support.

FinOps practitioners bridge business, engineering and finance teams, enabling evidence-based decisions in near-real time to help optimize cloud use and increase business value. They focus on establishing a FinOps culture and enabling stakeholder teams by demonstrating a working knowledge of the Principles and Capabilities of the FinOps Framework, a prescriptive model of actions and best practices. FinOps practitioners also perform common central FinOps functions for the organization. Roles within this Persona include the FinOps Team Lead, FinOps Analyst, FinOps Practitioner, Cloud Business Office, or CCOE in some organizations.


  • Cultural change flag bearer
  • Create cloud cost management best practices
  • Create benchmarks for teams to use
  • Create visibility and transparency to cloud cost
  • Create or inform cloud budgets and forecasts


  • Lack of access to needed data
  • Distributed accountability
  • Building adoption at enterprise scale
  • Tool reliance that does not deliver capabilities needed

Key Metrics

  • Accurate budgets
  • Accurate forecasts
  • Unit Cost Economics
  • Discount/Reservation coverage
  • Percentage untagged resources
  • Efficiency opportunity

FinOps Benefits

  • Centralized cloud cost management in single cloud or multi-cloud environment
  • Align accountability to cloud users
  • Build confidence around budgets and forecasts
  • Advance communication throughout the organization