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The Government SIG supports FinOps practitioners who support public sector, federal, state, local, regional, tribal, military, and international government organizations. The SIG focuses on specific challenges that these organizations face which differ from challenges faced by all FinOps practitioners.

These challenges may involve more restrictive funding processes, acquisition complexity, defining value of cloud spending without profit or revenue incentives, use of third parties or resellers, mandates and regulatory restrictions, organizational structure differences, and organizational complexity and age.

SIG meetings are open to all who support governments regardless of their location or affiliation. The Government SIG holds monthly meetings on the first Monday of each month at 1pm US Eastern Time. If that Monday is a US or International Holiday the meeting is moved to the first Tuesday.

The FinOps Foundation also supports government Communities of Practice which are specific to a geography in engaging their community of FinOps practitioners. The FinOps SIG is a place to connect with or form a community of practice for your geography.  We are happy to help support new Communities as interest grows. Current communities include US Federal, sponsored by the GSA, and Canadian Government, sponsored by SPAC/PSPC. Please join the SIG to request a connection to these groups.

The Government SIG also participates in Meetups, Roadshows and other events where members are well represented. If you are interested in hosting or speaking at a Government SIG meeting or other FinOps event on government topics, please contact us at or post in the #sig-government channel of Slack.


US Federal Acquisition Workstream

This workstream is focused on the specific challenges of Cloud acquisition in the US Federal government.

US Federal FinOps Tools

FinOps tooling can be especially challenging to implement in the public sector because of the sensitivity of data, access to billing data, multiple-cloud, multiple-reseller control of cloud, and a lack of centralized FinOps funding in many organizations. These can be further hampered by agency requirements for FedRAMP and ATO approvals for SaaS products, which few tools possess, and the perceived sensitivity to cloud data being accessible on an unclassified platform.

This Workstream will be working with member vendors of the FinOps Foundation and Cloud Service Providers to identify tools which could be used or which have been used successfully by US Federal agencies, and identify a selection matrix for such tools. A link is provided below to the FinOps Landscape, filtered to FedRAMP authorized tools and services.