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Sustainability Special Interest Group

Mission Statement

The mission of this SIG is to promote, advance, and socialize Cloud Computing Sustainability Best Practices in order to reduce the environmental impact of public cloud. Our mission is to forge partnerships with ESG leaders, practitioners, and vendors, establishing unified operational standards and processes that advance Cloud Sustainability, seamlessly integrating it into broader enterprise Sustainability practices.

Problem Statement

Organizations are making commitments to sustainable IT operations across their hybrid cloud estate, but lack of standardized best practices for cloud sustainability and related reporting makes it difficult for them to set realistic goals and plan the necessary projects to achieve them. The FinOps Framework in its current form is focused on cost management and does not directly address sustainable operations.

The scope for this SIG is limited to Public Cloud Computing and SaaS Marketplace offerings.</b<>


Integrate Sustainability into FinOps Framework

This workstream will focus on integrating Cloud Sustainability principles, best practices and processes into FinOps 2.0 Framework. This will help with establishing a standard operating framework that organizations can adopt in order to incorporate Cloud Sustainability Best Practices.

Develop Sustainability Operational Standards and Processes

Using the Framework 2.0 that now incorporates Sustainability, the workstream will work on developing operational standards and processes for day-to-day activities. These operational standards can (1) help with creating visibility on the environmental impact of the cloud and (2) help with defining sustainability optimization activities.

Create Sustainability Education Resources to promote the importance of Sustainability education

This workstream will focus on creating and publishing public content to promote the importance of adopting a cloud sustainability program

Collect Sustainability community led use cases

This workstream will focus on collecting sustainability success stories that highlight the organizational benefits of adopting sustainability programs.

Improving of Cloud Carbon Data Quality and supporting actions to create public data standards

This workstream will focus on improving the data quality that is available on the environmental impact of cloud consumption by defining clear data requirements. The goal is to support standardization of data and information provided by Cloud Service providers to successfully support adoption of cloud sustainability programs.