Our goal is to make multicloud management easier, more efficient, and secure. We deliver visibility, flexibility, and insight to empower organisations to drive value and innovation by using powerful technology, best practices, and unrivalled expertise.

We believe that adopting the FinOps framework is crucial in proving the value of cloud: not only does it bring visibility & accountability, it also accelerates innovation decisions by providing a clear business case on cost-efficiency. Therefore we specialise in FinOps training and enablement services to evangelise the power of FinOps.

Product or Service Overview

An important part in establishing a FinOps culture in engineering and finance departments is a common understanding of FinOps Principles and Capabilities. To accelerate the level of FinOps-related knowledge within an organisation, we developed a curriculum of training services:

Training for FinOps Professionals

  • FinOps Certified Practitioner training: we run a schedule with onsite & virtual classes as an ideal preparation for the FinOps Certified Practitioner exam. This training can also be organised in-company.
  • Cloud-specific training for AWS, GCP or Azure: each cloud-provider has its own flavour in terms of resources, billing, FinOps toolset and reporting. This training is ideal for FinOps professionals who already have experience in a cloud provider, but want to extend their knowledge to other platforms.

Training for Engineering stakeholders

  • FinOps for Engineering: introductory course on Domains and Capabilities of FinOps. This training is ideal for raising awareness about cost impact when using resources in the cloud.

Training for Finance & Operations stakeholders

  • FinOps for Finance & Operations: introductory course on Domains and Capabilities of FinOps, combined with an introduction to cloud services (how it’s consumed, where it’s different, compute & database options, xAAS abstraction levels). This training is ideal in creating a common lexicon and better understanding of mechanics behind cloud services.

Contact us for all your training requirements: during a short intake conversation we can create a tailor-made training plan (in-company, situation specific, towards a specific audience, inspiration sessions,… )

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