FinOps Certified Professional

The FinOps Certified Professional program allows experienced, senior individuals in cloud-related product, finance and technology roles to validate their FinOps knowledge and enhance their professional credibility. The certification program covers all aspects of FinOps practice and builds a capability to lead significant FinOps practice areas within an organization.

Facilitated Cohort Program

The FinOps Certified Professional program is delivered as a multi-week program with between 10 and 20 students working with a Certified Professional and other mentors to facilitate in-depth learning in the entire FinOps practice.

The FinOps Certified Professional program will launch in the first quarter of 2022.

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Who should get certified as a FinOps Professional

The certification is designed for those who plan to lead or hold a significant position or responsibility on a FinOps or cloud financial management team in more complex industries, in companies with more complex requirements, or with a more complex structure. You will develop an understanding of FinOps, its practice areas, and how it’s applied to enhance business value from cloud spend.

If you support, consult, or sell to organizations undergoing significant public cloud adoption or migration, or wish to teach FinOps courses to these audiences you will also benefit greatly.

You should consider this course if you are any of the following:

  • FinOps Team Manager or Cloud Center of Excellence manager
  • FinOps Practitioner in a large, complex organization, or an organization with large, complex cloud use cases
  • Cloud Budget Owner, or managing/supporting multiple Cloud Budget Owners
  • FinOps Practitioner, such as a FinOps Analyst, Director of Cloud Optimization, Manager of Cloud Operations or Cloud Cost Optimization Data Analyst
  • Principal Systems Engineer, Cloud Architect, Service Delivery Manager, Engineering Manager or Director of Platform Engineering, Senior Enterprise Architect (EA) or EA Leader
  • Finance and Procurement team member, including Technology Procurement Manager, Global Technology Procurement, Manager Cloud Cost Optimization, Financial Planning and Analyst Manager, and Financial Business Advisor
  • IT Program and Portfolio Management Leader
  • Technology leader, such as a Head of Infrastructure, Head of Cloud Center of Excellence, CTO or CIO Head of IT Finance (CFO of IT, VP/Dir. IT finance) or FP&A professional supporting cloud

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