Persona-based FinOps Training

Persona-based FinOps Training classes self-paced, online and are not a part of the certification track, but are intended for individuals in one of the following personas:

FinOps for Engineers

FinOps for Engineers is a training course designed to provide engineers and those who architect, design, construct, and operate software solutions and infrastructure in the public cloud to understand how to work effectively with FinOps teams, finance, procurement, product, and management teams to manage cloud use and cost more efficiently and to derive more business value from cloud.

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  • FinOps for Finance (expected 4Q21)
  • FinOps for Executives (expected 4Q21)
  • FinOps for Procurement (expected 2Q22)
  • FinOps for Product Managers (expected 2Q22)

What’s included

  • Instructor-led video recordings of the complete course (in most cases approximately 3 hours of video)
  • 12 Months of Access to Online Course
  • Upon successful completion, a verified FinOps Trained badge and certificate of completion for your LinkedIn