About The FinOps Foundation

The FinOps Foundation is a non-profit trade association made up of FinOps practitioners around the world.

Grounded in real world stories, expertise and inspiration for and by FinOps practitioners, the FinOps Foundation is focused on codifying and promoting cloud financial management best practices and standards to help the community members and their teams become better at cloud financial management.

Legal Structure of the Foundation

FinOps Foundation (F2) is a member-based non-profit trade association. It intends to seek 501 C (6) designation from the IRS as a tax-exempt trade association. It has a board of directors and three classes of members: general members, charter members and cloud service provider members. Charter members contribute to the standards and best practices that the Foundation publishes and are more likely to engage in thought leadership via speaking or contributing to the FinOps canon of knowledge.

The FinOps Foundation governing board of directors is made up of:

History of the Foundation

The FinOps Foundation was born out of Cloudability’s quarterly Customer Advisory Board meetings where many cloud practitioners expressed the need for a community of practitioners to discuss best practices beyond vendor tooling. Very few people know how to implement FinOps in an organization, and there’s not yet a commonly agreed set of published principals.

Cloudability wanted to provide a forum where all practitioners of FinOps could learn from each other. So, in February 2019, it helped to found the FinOps Foundation (F2) with assistance in assisting initial underwriting legal and administrative support. In 2020, the Foundation is working to become self-sufficient through proceeds from items like certifications and member dues.

F2 is now made up of thousands of independent industry experts from companies as diverse as Nationwide, Spotify, Nike, MIT, Atlassian, HERE Technologies, Australia Post, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Just Eat, Pearson, Sainsbury’s, Middle East Broadcasting Company, Tabcorp, Autodesk, Neustar, with dozens more joining each week.

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