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Technical Advisory Council

The FinOps Technical Advisory Council (TAC) is the technical governing body of the FinOps Foundation which oversees open source standards, best practices, curriculum and technical vision of the FinOps Foundation. The TAC outputs are committed into an open source ecosystem to become standardized best practices.

Learn more about the FinOps Foundation Technical Charter on GitHub, including responsibilities of the TAC.

As defined by the Technical Charter, The Technical Advisory Council (the “TAC”) will have ten members determined as follows:

  • three individuals selected by vote of the Governing Board of the FinOps Foundation Fund, a directed fund of the Linux Foundation (the “Directed Fund”);
  • up to three seats for Premier Members of the Directed Fund, with each Premier Member having the right to appoint a representative to the TAC until such point in time as there are more than three Premier Members of the Directed Fund, after which the Premier Members will nominate and elect among themselves three members of the TAC;
  • three individuals that are FinOps Practitioners, as defined in the funding charter of the Directed Fund, selected or elected via a method to be determined by the Governing Board.
  • the remaining number of seats to be filled in a manner as determined by the TAC.