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Our community is defining a new operating model for cloud—and a career discipline for many. Read how to get started in the community.


Enterprise membership is for those who want to accelerate their framework adoption of FinOps and build awareness in the community. This membership is in the intial stages please contact us for further information.

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Our practitioner tier of membership is for those who practice cloud financial management for their own organizations. It provides access to a vibrant community of your peers to share real world stories, best practices and standards.

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The consultant tier of membership is for those who provide services in the cloud financial management space. It helps bring subject matter experts into the community conversation with vetting requirements.

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Vendor membership is for those who provide platforms or cloud services targeted at FinOps teams and practitioners. It has vetting requirements, a strict "no sales pitches" code of conduct and an opportunity to become FinOps Certified.

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