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Maximize the Value of Your FinOps Certified Practitioner Training

By Janine, FinOps Lead, MagicOrange

I found the FinOps Certified Practitioner invaluable in learning about Cloud Financial Management and how the FinOps Framework can be used to facilitate informing, optimizing and operating cloud in any size organization.

The instructor didn’t just recite off a textbook, but provided real examples of experiences he and the rest of the FinOps community had experienced in relation to the different course segments. This resulted in an interactive and participative experience as attendees engaged with the instructor to provide their own insights and links to useful cloud documentation.

For the FinOps Certified Practitioner, users are asked to complete the fundamentals training for the three cloud providers and I do think this is useful to understand the different products available if you are not as familiar with the different cloud products provided. If you have been working with cloud products for sometime then this requirement is not necessary to get the full benefit out of the training.

Helpful tips & takeaways

Whilst going through the course, it’s also valuable to have a copy of the Cloud FinOps book on hand. It can provide more detailed explanations and examples for different areas of the syllabus. While it’s not needed to pass the exam as the student handbook covers everything required if you learn through examples, it is an excellent way to cement the knowledge obtained during the course.

Finally, I recommend writing down questions that I wanted to ask our Cloud engineering team or finance team based on what I had learnt during each Finops session. I then used this to start engaging with our team on the different areas that we needed to investigate further.

I definitely recommend the FinOps Certified Practitioner as the start of introducing FinOps to your organization for both engineers, finance, and key stakeholders.