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Cloud FinOps O'Reilly Book

Your Business Operating Manual for the Cloud

The cloud has fundamentally changed the way businesses approach IT development and operations. Now empowered with resource procurement, engineering teams spend more than needed without understanding cost efficiency. Surrounded by hundreds of new cost drivers, finance teams can’t keep up with what teams are spending. All the while, leadership struggles to decode company spending they have little to no input into.

FinOps changes that. Using the FinOps cloud operating model, your finance, engineering and leadership teams will come together to find the perfect balance of speed, cost and quality to efficiently scale their cloud.

Compiled from hands-on experience and real-life stories from FinOps practitioners, Cloud FinOps is your guide to operating a better cloud.

“We’ve heard the demand — the need — to formally define FinOps and to capture what makes the great FinOps practitioners successful. And that’s what you hold in this book.”


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Chapter 1: Why FinOps?
Chapter 2: What is FinOps?
Chapter 3: Cultural Shift and the FinOps Team
Chapter 4: The Language of FinOps and Cloud
Chapter 5: Anatomy of the Cloud Bill
Chapter 7: The FinOps Lifecycle
Chapter 8: Inform Phase: Where are you?
Chapter 9: Allocation: No Dollar Left Behind
Chapter 10: Tags, Labels and Accounts, Oh My!
Chapter 11: Optimize Phase: Adjusting to hit goals
Chapter 12: Using Less: Usage Optimization
Chapter 13: Paying Less: Rate Optimization
Chapter 14: Paying Less with Reserved Instances & CUDs
Chapter 15: Metric Driven Cost Optimization
Chapter 16: Container Spend Management: Ships vs Tugboats
Chapter 17: Operate: Aligning Teams to Business Goals
Chapter 18: Automation of Cost Management
Chapter 19: FinOps Recipes for Ongoing Operations
Chapter 20: Managing to Unit Economics: FinOps Nirvana
Appendix of Finance Terms

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