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FinOps X 2023, San Diego June 27-30 - Early Bird Registration Ends April 3

Protected: Events Overview

We’ve received tremendous feedback about increasing the number of ways our global FinOps community can get together. We hear you all and want to roll out additional events types all over the globe to bring our FinOps practitioners together.

Along with our digital Summits, we’re working on adding new event types to better engage with you all. Here’s an overview of what we’re working on.

Meetups Roadshows Community Days
Attach FinOps X
Sample Locales Salt Lake, Twin Cities, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Texas Bay, Chicago, DC, NYC, Seattle
London, Munich, Paris
Paris, Sao Paulo, APAC, for example Ignite, Reinvent, Next San Diego
Attendees Per Event 25 50-75 150 200-400 1000
Host Certified Organizer F2 F2 F2 F2
Location Practitioner office
(or Virtual)
Neutral Venue Neutral Venue Neutral Venue Conference Venue
Giveaways Stickers + Codes Books + Swag + Codes Books + Swag + Codes Books + Swag + Codes Books + Swag + Codes
Speakers Practitioner, Partners*
Require Content reviews & Approved on individual basis
Practitioners Practitioner & Sponsors Practitioner, Partners Practitioner, Partners

By creating additional ways to get together, we can keep FinOps practitioner conversations going in more frequent sessions, all over the globe. We’ll be adjusting our approach as we learn what works and what doesn’t, so stay tuned.

Check out our Events page to learn what types of events are coming up in an area near you.

Get involved

The easiest way to participate is to attend an event near you if you can. If you want to contribute even more, you can become a Certified Organizer to help us coordinate Meetups, speak at an upcoming event, and more.