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FinOps Foundation Events

Join one of the many FinOps meetups and certification events around the world.

FinOps Virtual Meetup: New York

January 26, 2021 - Virtual

7pm - 9pm EST

Sponsored by New York City Cloud FinOps

Live FinOps Certified Practitioner Course (w/Ben de Mora, Sky)

February 23-24, 2021 - Virtual

8am - 1pm (EDT) New York Time

Please note: The FinOps Foundation [course] is interactive in nature and is conducted in a virtual (Zoom-based) environment. Accordingly, certain information that you have provided to Zoom will be shared with the FinOps Foundation, the trainer and other attendees. Zoom may provide details that you have provided including your name, email address or the phone number you use to dial in. You may be able to limit the information Zoom provides by editing your Zoom profile, but during this course any information you do include will be seen by all who attend. Please see for further details.

This course will be recorded for training and development purposes. It will be shared only with FinOps Foundation members who are preparing for instruction or developing course related material. All Foundation ground rules apply with respect to the sharing of private information.