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Reporting forms one of the most important items for the inform phase of the FinOps lifecycle. Reports need to be timely and provide near real-time information for the intended audience. Targets/KPIs should be marked clearly on every report in order for reports to convey what is important.

Reporting can be provided by cloud service providers, third-party platforms, consultants, or from created by your own FinOps teams. In order for reports to be effective, it is important to define who will read the information, what they are required to monitor within the metrics, and the actions they are expected to take when something is out of the normal range.

Contributing Functions

Maturity Examples

How to get started and what great looks like.

  • Crawl = High level spend reporting on a team/service level
  • Walk = Optimisation recommendations and performance measured and monitored
  • Run = Data in the path of engineers, forecasting and anomaly data tracked, spend data represented in the form on Unit Economics

Common KPIs

  • Freshness of data in reports
  • Coverage of teams consuming report data
  • Timely response to anomalies and recommendations
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