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Resource Utilization & Efficiency

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In context to FinOps, resource utilization is about ensuring there is sufficient business value for the cloud costs associated with each class or type of resource being consumed. It is necessary to observe a resource’s utilization over time to understand if the performance, availability or other quality metrics are of value for the expense incurred.

For compute resources, there may be times when it is deemed that for performance or availability gains, average utilization may need to decrease and the extra expense incurred is worth the value creation the resource provides. Or the opposite may be true and performance expectations can be lowered to improve cost. For these decisions to be made, resource utilization, efficiency and cost must be looked at together.

Maturity Assessment




Functional Activity

As someone in a Business/Product role, I will…

As someone in a Finance/FinOps role, I will…

As someone in an Engineering/Operations role, I will…

As someone in an Executive role, I will…

Measure(s) of Success & KPI

Measures of success are represented in the context of cloud costs and may include one or more key performance indicators ( KPI ), describe objectives with key results ( OKR ), and declare thresholds defining outliers or acceptable variance from forecasted trends.


the information used that contributes to the measure(s) of success listed above; information here may include specific datasources, reports or any relevant input