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FinOps hits the tabletop

FinOps the Board Game is a cloud cost management strategy game played cooperatively by 3-7 players who migrate applications to the cloud while trying to simultaneously mature their FinOps practice and optimize applications already moved. Your team must work to wisely spend your migration budget, but beware, you must pay the cloud provider after every turn.

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  •  Learn FinOps concepts in a fun way
  •  Work collaboratively with your friends across disciplines
  •  Handle really big piles of really fake money

Quick stats

  • Each game takes 60-90 minutes
  • 3-7 players
  • Ages 12+

How to play

Check out this video for a deep overview of how to play FinOps the Board Game.

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You can purchase a copy of the game through the manufacturer, TheGameCrafter.