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CloudBolt Software

CloudBolt Software

CloudBolt, The Cloud ROI Company™, addresses a core challenge in cloud computing by solving ROI across diverse cloud resources. Augmented FinOps capabilities, powered by AI/ML and enhanced by intelligent automation, empower organizations to achieve complete cloud lifecycle optimization.

Product or Service Overview

Key advancements over traditional FinOps solutions

Augmented FinOps represents a monumental evolution to cloud financial management. For the first time, practitioners are able to leverage AI/ML-informed insights and apply intelligent automation and orchestration both retrospectively and proactively. In doing so users are finally able to enjoy complete cloud lifecycle optimization by more rapidly and confidently turning insights into actions that maximize cloud value and simplify FinOps for all. Augmented FinOps by CloudBolt consists of three core innovations that create ever-expanding advantages for our customers:

  • AI/ML-INFORMED COST INSIGHTS: Enabling elevated cost observability and analysis across a variety of personas and perspectives.
  • FULL LIFECYCLE FINOPS: For application of insights and automation across all resource stages to ensure data-driven cloud decisioning.
  • CLOUD RIGHT APPROACH: A unified control framework to facilitate the convergence of public and private clouds. This allows organizations to manage their diverse cloud computing resources as a single entity, offering a common access point and a unified user experience.

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