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Save nonstop on AWS, easily and automatically. That’s CloudFix.

CloudFix is the automatic, always-running way to find and fix AWS-recommended savings opportunities. Founder Rahul Subramaniam created CloudFix to manage his own company’s AWS spend across 45,000 instances — and today it’s used by global enterprises to save up to 30%+ per AWS service.

Product or Service Overview

Some tools just find one-off cost savings. CloudFix is the automatic, always-running way to find and fix AWS-recommended savings and hygiene opportunities. It literally never stops — so neither do your savings, like compounding interest.

It actually fixes, not just finds.
Don’t settle for a visualizer tool that just shows you savings opportunities. With 50+ AWS advisories every week, you’ll never be able to keep up. That’s why CloudFix does all the work for you: You just approve the savings you want, and CloudFix achieves it instantly — saving you up to 30% or more per AWS service.

It’s AWS recommended and easy
Don’t put your cloud at risk. Every “fixer” from CloudFix is AWS-approved and based on their latest advisories. And CloudFix works across most top AWS services, adding new ones regularly — so you can save and optimize everywhere, not just on storage or compute.

It works nonstop
CloudFix never stops finding new savings opportunities. It scans all the new services you add, resources you provision, and code you write — and regularly helps you bank new savings with just a few easy clicks.

It’s compounding savings for your cloud
Since AWS never stops publishing savings advisories — and CloudFix never stops automating them — your savings build like compounding interest. It’s the exact opposite of expensive consulting engagements or underwhelming visualizer tools, where you pay big and only save once.

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