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CloudThrottle, founded in 2012, is a leading cloud solution provider based in Virginia. We empower organizations to manage cloud expenses efficiently and foster a proactive FinOps culture. We develop and maintain Federal Cloud Infrastructure and manage government projects within strict budgets, ensuring compliance and cost-effectiveness.

Product or Service Overview

Cloud Solution Provider: As a leading federal cloud solution provider, we facilitate smooth and efficient operations by seamlessly integrating various cloud environments. We design robust, scalable, and secure cloud solutions tailored to your organization. Embracing FinOps principles, we focus on cost optimization and financial governance, helping you maximize cloud investments and reduce cloud waste.

Cloud Cost Management: CloudThrottle offers comprehensive centralized budget observability and aims to provide predictable cloud spending and advanced budget management. The CloudThrottle Framework assists users in managing and optimizing their cloud expenses effectively. Key innovative features include Advanced Budget Observability, Budget Proration and Rollover, Budget Lifecycle Workflow Management, and Cloud Resource Scheduling. CloudThrottle strives to give users better control over cloud spending and promotes a FinOps culture, encouraging efficient and transparent financial operations.

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