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CoreStack, an AI-powered multi-cloud governance solution, empowers enterprises to unleash the power of cloud on their terms by helping them rapidly achieve continuous and autonomous cloud governance at scale. CoreStack enables enterprises to realize outcomes across FinOps, SecOps, and CloudOps, such as 40% cloud cost reduction, 50% operational efficiency boost and 100% security and compliance assurance.


Product or Service Overview

Optimized and Managed Cloud Spend with NextGen FinOps for Enterprises

CoreStack FinOps solution enables enterprises to efficiently manage their multi-cloud costs with financial accountability through a unified and seamless experience. It provides tools to assess the FinOps maturity of your organization, gain visibility, plan, optimize costs and operate with cost efficiency.

  1. CoreStack FinOps Maturity Assessment provides deep actionable insights to understand and plan your FinOps journey and go beyond cost optimization to controlling costs efficiently.
  2. Customize and share visibility and insights spanning across multiple clouds, or at a granular level as per your needs. Enable chargebacks and showbacks to drive internal accountability.
  3. Accurately forecast cloud spends, actively track and respond with comprehensive budget management strategies and detect cost anomalies. Gain insights and take actions automatically or through your enterprise workflows to maintain costs within the budget.
  4. Get actionable recommendations by identifying underutilized, idle or orphaned resources, and rightsizing across the multi-cloud services.
  5. Auto-remediate to maintain actual or forecasted costs within budgets. Seamless bi-directional integration with your ITSM tools like ServiceNow and Jira enables incident and resolution management through your custom enterprise workflows.

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