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Datadog provides unified observability and security for your dynamic, AWS-hosted infrastructure and applications at scale. By bringing together data from across the stack, customers can troubleshoot faster and centralize visibility across teams.

Product or Service Overview

Datadog is the single unified platform for all your observability and security needs. With Datadog, your teams can see inside any stack, any app, at any scale, anywhere. Datadog Cloud Cost Management delivers cost data where engineers work and with resource-level context like CPU, memory, and requests — easily scoped to their services and applications — so that they can take action and spend effectively.

  • Gain clarity on your cloud bills across Azure, AWS, and GCP (coming soon).
  • Eliminate uncertainty and optimize container cost by seamlessly breaking out costs by cluster, namespace, or pod.
  • Break down silos between FinOps and engineering teams by collaborating on cost data inside of Datadog’s dashboards and Notebooks.
  • Eliminate wasteful spend with a unified platform and optimize for performance and cost by having full visibility into infrastructure and application telemetry alongside cost data.

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