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Densify uniquely enables FinOps teams with a platform that allows them to empower and gain the trust of engineers while driving compliance in the selection of cost effective resources. While many cost-oriented solutions cater to the Finance side of cloud, Densify prioritizes precision and actionable optimizations so that you can continuously optimize capacity to reduce cloud costs.

Product or Service Overview

Densify enables mature FinOps programs to embed resource governance in order to empower engineers to gradually optimize infrastructure through better alignment of actual workload resource requirements. With a singular focus on the precision of our resource optimization analytics, you build greater trust with engineers and over time, greater amounts of actual infrastructure optimization.

Begin by manually distributing recommendations and supporting rationale. Integrate to change management and ticketing systems or go further to push approved recommendations into the systems that automate the actual changes.

In Kubernetes environments Densify will first correct the resources at the container level, but also then tie it back to optimizing at the node and scale group levels.

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