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DoiT International

DoiT International is a global multi-cloud software and managed service provider with deep expertise in Kubernetes, Machine Learning, and Big Data and the leading global cloud consulting company and strategic partner of Google Cloud and AWS. We tackle complex problems with a unique portfolio of technology, products and services to support fast-growing companies to scale their businesses in the cloud.

Product or Service Overview

The DoiT Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is an ML-powered, intelligent platform that enables FinOps-minded companies to:

1) Allocate, budget, forecast, and report on cloud costs in a manner that aligns directly to how their business is organized

2) Find opportunities to optimize their multi-cloud spend and directly save operating costs

3) Define the rules by which their cloud environment should operate, proactively alert them when things inevitably change, and take corrective action appropriately

4) Automatically detect operating anomalies that clients may not be looking for

5) Create and manage temporary cloud environments that are securely governed

6) Maintain a direct line of support and services communication to our global team of Cloud Ops and FinOps experts at DoiT

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DoiT International

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  • Supports: AWS, GCP