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DoiT International works with fast growing, digital native companies globally, harnessing public cloud technology and services to solve essential and complex cloud challenges. Delivering the true promise of the cloud at peak efficiency – with ease, not costs – DoiT provides intelligent software that simplifies and automates cloud use, alongside expert consultancy and unlimited technical support. Technology is backed by deep multicloud expertise and experience in the optimization, analytics and governance of cloud architecture, as well as specialization in Kubernetes, artificial intelligence (AI) and more. An award-winning strategic partner of Google Cloud and AWS, DoiT operates in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Product or Service Overview

By consolidating cloud bills with DoiT, FinOps-minded companies have 24/7 access to DoiT’s support and consultancy services from a global team of committed cloud experts with decades of experience. Additionally, DoiT’s product portfolio provides the tools to manage cloud costs and infrastructure without compromising the speed or quality of engineering initiatives.

By organizing and enriching cloud billing data, DoiT’s products help organizations understand costs in the context of their business, maximize savings with minimal effort, and make costs predictable.

The DoiT portfolio consists of five products that can all be accessed via the DoiT console:

Cloud Analytics provides visibility into cloud usage and spend, translating cloud bills into the context needed to drive business decisions. Allocating costs across teams and projects allows for showback and chargeback, thus helping stakeholders take ownership of their usage.

Flexsave automates commitment-based discount management for both AWS and Google Cloud, minimizing risk for the customer while eliminating the need to forecast, provision, track and manage a commitment portfolio.

Anomaly Detection continuously analyzes cloud billing data, alerting for abnormal cost spikes and providing detailed analytics reports to drive the investigation and remediation of any issues.

BigQuery Lens provides Google Cloud users with actionable optimization recommendations along with the ability to drill down into individual usage stats, thus reducing costs through better insights and faster decisions.

Spot Scaling provides AWS users with automated management of Spot Instances within their Auto-Scaling groups, thus maximizing savings without compromising application reliability.

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