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Finout is the first self-service, zero-code, cloud cost observability platform that combines business metrics with your cost, slicing it up to customers, features and unit metrics.

We Integrate with cloud providers, data warehouses and observability platforms to correlate and analyze cost into business KPIs , wrapped up as a modern-day ERP system.


Product or Service Overview

Finout’s cloud cost management platform combines all invoices into one Mega-bill, enabling an unparalleled view of cloud spending — in minutes. It combines infrastructure services from cloud providers, data warehouses, and CDNs, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, Datadog, Kubernetes, and Snowflake, as well as middleware such as Stripe, Twilio, and AuthO.

Once in the Mega-bill, every line item can be attributed to its business role, feature, team, and product using advanced assignment rules and virtual tagging — using the most granular cost units, including native agentless Kubernetes support.

Users can create customizable dashboards for teams and individuals such as Finance or Sales, export dedicated reports, insert alerts and monitor the use of internal cost reduction recommendations.

In addition, Finout can be used to showback cost per team, environment, or feature or forecast yearly spending.

After that, Finout can then correlate those costs to unit economics using external metrics and business data sources such as Datadog, Salesforce, Looker, and more. The platform can even add revenue data to show profitability & ARR margins for each customer, making it an ultimate tool for any FinOps professional.

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